Sandangaw in Woodside, Queens: A Waray Children's Book Launch (NY)
The NY launch of the newest Sari-Sari Storybook, Sandangaw: a Waray by Sari-Sari Storybooks, Topaz Arts, the Filipino School of New York-New Jersey, PAL/Pilipinx American Library, and Atlantic Pacific Theatre

My So-Called Filipino Egyptian Life (SFMOMA, Public Knowledge Library)The Bay Area book launch of "I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic Memoir" from artist, journalist, and author Malaka by San Francisco Public Library Excelsior Branch and PAL / The Pilipinx American Library

PAL / The Pilipinx American Library at the Asian Art Museum (SF)A transformation at the museum’s Resource Room into a pop-up reading room and gathering space.

TAYO Literary Magazine Present

Artist Retreat
︎ Opening Keynote: Janna Añonuevo Langholz
︎ A Politics of Filipinx Diasporic Queer Curation Now
︎ Artist Spotlight: Erina Alejo
︎ Filipinx Futurity
︎ Curators in Conversation

Screening: “Manilatown Is in the Heart Time Travel with Al Robles”

What is Pinay Liminality?
Conversation and Oral History Workshop, inspired by the poetics of Barbara Jane Reyes and facilitated by Christine Abiba.

The Rule Is, Do Not Stop: A Filipino Literary Symposium
︎ Part 1
︎ Part 2

Kearny Street Workshop’s Interdisciplinary Writers Lab 2018

Wendy's Subway and P A L on Montez Press Radio (NY)

Fel Santos & The Hidden Word
With Paolo Javier and David Mason aka Listening Center
Performance and conversation with Emmy Catedral

Pineapple Primates Paper Tigers Pan-Asian Restaurant
PAL’s Emmy Catedral speaks to Tammy Nguyen

Wendy’s Subway Library-in-Residence (NY)

Karl Orozco: Come You Back to Maynila Bay
Orozco presents a community engagement printmaking project that uses hand-carved mahjong tiles to retell family narratives of his lola’s underground gambling den in the Philippines

Anti-Imperialism, Jeepney Moon Dreams, and Tito Deadpan
a screening of the legendary Kidlat Tahimik’s 1977 celebrated Third Cinema masterpiece Mababangong Bangungot | Perfumed Nightmare followed by a conversation with artist Jaret Vadera

Rolling the Ours
an informal gathering to celebrate and examine the resonance R. Zamora Linmark’s Rolling The R’s

A set of "readings" and open panel with artist Miko Revereza and publisher Kristian Henson

Transcribing Herstory: Contemporary Filipinx Voices (SFPL, SF)
Melissa Sipin, Elaine Castillo , Renee Macalino Rutledge, Trinidad Escobar, and Janice Sapigaoco-presented by The San Francisco Public Library, SFMOMA Public Knowledge, and PAL / Pilipinx American Library

Is America in the Heart? New Filipinx Literature (AAWW, NY)
Elaine Castillo, Luis H. Francia, Joseph O. Legaspi & Gina Apostol
co-sponsored by PAL / Pilipinx American Library

No Longer Negotiable (Nous Tous Gallery, Los Angeles)
a selection by PAL was hosted in this exhibition in LA’s Chinatown
curated by Jennelyn Tumalad, Nahui Ollin, Kayla Palisoc

Wendy’s Subway Reading Room (Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY)
Features titles selected by international, independent, and artist-run libraries, including PAL

Smithsonia’s Asian American Literature Festival (DC)
PAL presented a selection of titles in the Literary Lounge, and hosted a durational participatory reading of Carlos Bulosan’s America Is In the Heart

PAL at The Fifth Annual BABZ Fair (Knockdown Center, NY)The Pilipinx American Library (PAL) presents America is in The Heart: A non-linear medley performance/tribute to Carlos Bulosan’s semi-autobiographical first novel. Completed in the 1940’s, America is in The Heart is the earliest U.S. published, English-language narrative of a Pilipinx American experience. It is written from the perspective of an immigrant itinerant laborer at a time of extreme xenophobia and violent racism during the Great Depression. Writers and artists invited to respond to the novel include Kay Ulanday Barrett, Claro de los Reyes, Camille Hoffman, Paolo Javier, and Lara Stapleton.

Tongue Tide (Flux Factory, NY)Tongue Tide is an exhibition exploring the multitude of ways in which artists engage with language, addressing both its tide-like ebb and flow as well as its limitations. 

Related Event—Queens Food Forum with PAL’s Emmy Catedral and Jevijoe Vitug: A conversation exploring the connections between trade routes, colonialism, immigration waves and how it’s all reflected in food and language. A small selection of related books was brought by PAL, Invited by Xenia Diente

Qns, New York, NY
San Francisco, CA